Hi. I'm Tyler Schade.

About me

Summary: Christian. Web developer. Musician, writer, photographer. Student.

Greetings! I don't usually talk much about myself, but because you are here, you are obviously interested in hearing at least a little bit more about me.

So here you go:

Not about me

Summary: It's actually not about me. I really love Jesus, and it's all about Him.

That's right. Contrary to the philosophy we all naturally believe, it's not all about us. I know, it can be a shocker when you first realize that there's more to life than you. I realized that at a young age, being one of eight siblings. My parents raised us with a focus on eternity, love, and faith - in short, they raised us to prioitize the Lord Jesus.

Things I've done

Summary: Nothing too interesting. I did finish High School at age 16, though.

Things I haven't done

Summary: Some things I haven't done. These might be more interesting.

Contact me

Summary: How to get in touch, keep in touch, or get out of touch.